About Us

Custom Remodeling & Contracting, LLC (CRC) is owned and operated by Chris and Pam Kuper.  With their unique approach and dedication to customer satisfaction they have been able to establish CRC as one of the top custom remodeling and contracting companies in the area.

Contact Us

We are available by phone between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or feel free to click on our “Contact CRC tab on our website, and we will gladly schedule an appointment to discuss your project, at no cost.

Working with Us

We understand that outside of buying your home, remodeling it may be the single biggest investment you make. That is why CRC, LLC is a proud member of  our local association, the King George Home Builders Association and complies with a strict “Code of Professional Conduct.”

109Custom Remodeling and Contracting, LLC (CRC, LLC) was started with the uncommonly unique idea that regardless of budget or project size, all our clients deserve excellent service and exceptional workmanship. We don’t just SAY “custom” and mean “standard”kitchen and bath remodeling work. We provide custom design work, quality materials, professional craftsmanship, and yes, we stand behind our work.

At CRC, LLC, we have learned that the best way to ensure a successful end result is to carefully plan a detailed, proven path from the very first consultation. We call this the Custom Design and Remodeling Process.